Playing with your students to deliver a lesson is a well-administered technique in the classroom. But, did you know that you can also play with your colleagues, and in return learn from them?

This two day workshop will look at group work between teachers around areas such as:

  • Confidence building in the classroom
  • Building a sense of belonging in each other
  • Sustained motivation to teach
  • Acting with patience under challenging circumstances
  • Problem solving in the classroom

 The workshop will look at developing a deeper bond with your colleagues, and in order to do achieve that, we will look at:

  • Developing inter-personal communication with each other
  • Unwinding with your colleagues over a collective hobby
  • Discussing your favourite class moments
  • Sharing existing knowledge systems between each other
  • Tuning in to our intuition as a group
  • Role-playing in a mock classroom.

Through collective sharing, this workshop will attempt to find answers to puzzling situations you encounter in your classroom.

Come, let’s share and play!