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The early years are critical for growth and development in a child’s lifetime. 90% of a child’s brain develops before the age of six. Our school’s focus in the early years is on providing “experiential learning” as an alternative to text-book based rote learning commonly practiced in rural India.

We will focus on all aspects of a child’s development. Our School adopts commonly accepted measures from other ECE institutions tracking milestones of development. Getting their foundations right will ultimately result in major social and economic gains for society. Research shows that good quality early learning helps improve outcomes at all levels of education. Our School will focus on the physical & Motor Development, Language Development, Cognitive or Intellectual Development, Social Development, Emotional Development, Development of Creative & Aesthetic Appreciation.

Vision & Values


Provide Holistic Education for Primary Students - Beyond Textbooks

We will focus on experiential learning, so the children become active learners drawing on their direct physical and social experience as well as locally transmitted cultural knowledge to construct their own understanding of the world around them. Development and learning will also result from interactions with the local environment.

Focus on latest techniques for Early Childhood (Nursery) Education

Different aspects of language development (vocabulary, ability to memorize, sentence construction, naming categories etc) will be tracked and actioned upon. How a child develops intellectually, socially, emotionally are all going to be important parameters of consideration for our teachers. Building general awareness and helping develop their pre-academic skills (Pre-reading, pre-writing and pre-maths) in the early intervention years.

Developing Teaching Skills of local community members

We will work with the help of foundations such as Key Education Foundation, Akshara Foundation and Vikramshila Foundation etc who all focus on skill building of teachers engaged in early childhood education. We will use documents and teachers training manuals available in the public domain, and contextualize the same for use in our school.

Make Nutrition Awareness a key focus area

Our school will focus on nutrition education of parents by tracking early signs of malnutrition while observing development of our student skills. By providing periodic workshops from experts and one annual health checkup, we believe we can provide parents with the knowledge, skills and motivation to make wise dietary and lifestyle choices, for their children.

Right to self expression

Our School believes children should have the right to self expression in school, the right to always dream, the right to happiness in life and to enjoy school without fear. Our class-room management policies and teacher-student interaction style will be designed and monitored keeping such values in mind.

Effective pre-school teaching techniques

With story-telling, play, phonics for English, art, craft, music and movement and even making teaching aids from scrap material. Our methodology documents will always be in WIP mode, and keep getting updated and upgraded every year by our teachers who will collaborate with external trainers for the same.


Know how you can support our school and empower our village community members with specialized skill development, to operate and run the school.

Infrastructure upgrade

Donate to upgrade our Infrastructure of the school. In the beginning, it was a small hut where around 50 kids used to come for school. From there we moved up to a 3 room structure school and even added a teachers/staff room. We want our school to expand one more floor and 3 more rooms for our students to teach.

Free workshop

If you want to engage yourself to educate kids to learn about every aspect of life, you can share your experience and journey to guide our students and teachers to build a better community. Come, teach us, educate our village kids to new ways of learning to see life and the world as they deserve.

Sponsor a teacher

Are you a teacher? Or do you know any teachers who are working on ECE and SME learning and teaching models? Please support us and join in our school venture as a voluntary teacher to educate our kids, to share your knowledge. Alongside to teach our present school teachers to learn about new methods, ideas of Early Childhood Education.

Donate Kids-education related Resources

By providing them “Vibgyor crayons” to “rainbows of dreams” you can support us. Creative learning toys always help kids to understand and respond faster. From learning toys to new ideas,or by providing laptops to educate them on computers and the internet.


By learning we teach, by teaching we learn. That’s how we have our fun.

We share our experience here which you may be able to count but the fun we get to learn will stay as inspiring memories. Check out our inspiring stories, our ideas and our learning.

The Tiffin Box Book - A Nutrition awareness program for parents & children of Rural Bengal

At Vidyasagar Nursery School in Khejuri – II, Purba Medinipur, we noticed a dramatic rise in the consumption of packaged Snacks and cola for tiffin. In a parent-teacher interaction, we learned that (a) mothers don’t have adequate time or ideas on how to pack a healthy Dabba (b) not everyone is aware of the ill effects of preservatives and unhygienic additives in packaged snacks (c) kids don’t like to eat so-called healthy food. The Tiffin Box Book project is an experimental intervention program to offer a solution to these challenges. Watch how we did it and comment with your suggestions and feedback.

VNS Cultural Day Speech 2022

We celebrated our annual cultural day, after a hiatus of one year due to the pandemic. Sandip Maiti from Turiyo Foundation, delivers the keynote speech, recapping the transformation journey with his focus on people, process & technology.

Learning Kits help reduce the burden of Text Books in Rural Nursery

It has always been a joy working with the teachers at Vidyasagar Nursery, ChauddhaChuli. Their infectious energy and hunger to learn can put any ‘public school’ staff to shame. Every day our teachers come up with new ideas and are able to maximize the usage of kits funded by the Turiyo Foundation. We have now entrusted them with the task of churning new ideas for learning kits in vernacular and more relevant local content, so kids find it easier to relate to. One such ‘memory game’ has been produced at scale and is easily the class favorite.

Makers Camp at Vidyasagar Nursery School

Our Nursery took the bold move of organising a Winter Camp for existing students and friends from our neighbouring schools. Titled “Makers camp” we are going to have 5 days of fun as we discover the maker spirit in all the kids. This is a first of its kind initiative in our neighbourhood and possibly the entire district.

Vidyasagar Nursery Khejuri Purba Medinipur - Journey 2021-22

Founded in 2017, Vidyasagar Nursery had the vision to focus exclusively on early childhood education. With help from a few supportive women from the community, Animesh Das started this school as its founding headmaster. A struggle that lasted for 4 years and saw many ups and downs, finally came to an end when Turiyo Foundation adopted this school. The last year 2021-22 has been transformative, not just in terms of infrastructure, but also in terms of rapid adoption of an alternate form of pedagogy that is inspired by the world’s best. We are deeply engaged with the parent community and urging them to recognize the importance of play-based education and imbibing the maker culture. It is just the start of our journey.

Making of the School Anthem

By using ideas, inspirations and technology our kids and eminent music producer Surojit Chatterjee made it possible. We all work remotely, with the help of a recording device and zoom video meet, we pulled it off. It was a great experience for all of us.

Technology For Good: A Day with Alexa

We have broadband at school, it was but natural to try a few tricks and spice up our first spoken English class, Enter Alexa. What started as a bit of a challenge, speaking to her all ‘masked up’, soon turned into a lot of fun. Alexa will soon find a permanent place in our learning space. This is what we call #technologyforgood

Dance Education for the Creative Classroom

The role of dance in Early Childhood Education is very important. Other than being fun and rewarding it also helps develop concentration. Notice how Madhav Sir integrates Yoga with Dance.

A child (3+) engages with a Learning Kit, for the first time in her life

Our children have never been exposed to play-based experiences and learning kits. We wondered how they would react when exposed to such kits. So we did puzzle boxes (in Bangla) and double-sided flashcards in (English) this experiment, and were pleasantly surprised with her intuitive handling of the tasks. This is proof positive that every child has infinite potential to blossom. Early Childhood Intervention at Vidyasagar Nursery can give a robust foundation for the preparatory stage, from where the child can make a successful leap for the Secondary School. Time will tell whether we are able to make an impact.

Tiffin Box Recipes


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Learning through the Arts

22 Apr – 24 Apr 2021
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Peek inside our Classroom. Here we learn our things, create our dreams and express ourselves. This is us, our classroom. We invite you to join us.

~ Kids & Teachers.

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“Let us remember: One book, one pen, one child, and one teacher can change the world.“

~ Malala Yousafzai


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