Why is the grass green? How do birds fly? Where do babies come from? Why do the fishes live in water? Children are born with a curious mind. They wonder at everything that they see and want to know why a certain thing is the way it is. This natural curiosity is what makes a child want to learn new things.  Children have a strong desire to learn and explore, and research has proven that CURIOSITY is the root of all creativity, exploration, imagination, and self-development.

School Text Books only have material prescribed for examination. With pressure of examinations, Teachers and Tutors have little time to nurture your child’s natural curiosity. At home, no one has the patience to engage. Many a time you do not have the answers to the child’s questions.

So what is the way forward? The answer is SELF-LEARNING.

Now your child can participate in the 4 week long Curiosity Workshop at Vidyasagar Nursery School, ChauddhaChuli, and practice self-learning.  

By using proven methods in self-learning the workshop will help unlock your child’s true potential. He will now be able to find answers to his own questions. We will teach him how he can self-learn by using the internet or make things with his own hand. He will learn science using his own hands, make art, create maps and more. In the process he will discover solar power, use natural materials for art, identify medicinal plants for home remedies and many more. 

This workshop is being organized under a program of Future Arts and Learning led by Rohini Maiti from Ringling College of Art and Design, Florida USA. She along with a team of international students and local volunteer teachers will conduct this FREE workshop starting July 18th.